Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Short Scripts / Screenplays For Sale

Find below a selection of short scripts for sale by D.J.W. Hughes.

All shorts on this site are registered.

Snip (Horror)
After a young man gets the balls to ask out a cute girl he met online, he gets more than he bargained for when he’s drugged, tied up, and tortured by her and her accomplice...
Gore piece in the vein of HOSTEL. 6 pgs long.

Blood Lust (Horror/Action)
A hitch-hiking lesbian gets the surprise of her life when she’s picked up by a ‘sweet’ and ‘innocent’ psychotic girl, as the two of them go on a crazy death-fueled gun rampage.
THELMA AND LOUISE meets NAUTRAL BORN KILLERS – but with hot chicks. 7 pgs long.

Watching (Horror/Suspense/Thriller)
Returning from a week long business trip, a woman comes home to find that not only is her electricity out, but that someone in her local neighborhood likes to view single women through their windows at night…
Tense suspense piece. Set in one location. 6 pgs long.

Slasher (Horror/Comedy)
A young man talks us through what’s needed for the perfect horror script; Hot chicks. Blood. Blades. Jacuzzi. A mask. And a final twist. And of course, a perfect sun-set…
Witty comedy piece, with some ‘at camera’ moments. Set in one location. 7 pgs long.

Rites Taker (Horror/Fantasy)
After her young brother is kidnapped by a grave-yard attendant driving a hearse, her older sister gives chase, in what leads to a confrontation of mystical and violent proportions.
A smart BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER type short horror script. 6 pgs long.

Look of Death (Horror)
After a blind woman has her sight restored by a vampire, she battles with her new found being and goes on a quest to track down the man who stole her sight...
Tense vampire tale. 6 pgs.

Time Delay (Action)
When terrorists threaten to release a mutated version of the deadly bird flu virus, government agents attempt to track down - and prevent them from doing so... A tense tight action script with a "24" feel to it. 5 pages.Date Posted: 5/1/06

Grim Loco (Action/Romance)
In a lawless future, an ex-cop - Cyrus - attempts to bring law and order to the often violent and dangerous streets of the city, but with fatal consequences... A gritty Sin City like action script w/romantic overtones. 5 pages.Date Posted: 5/1/06

Beautiful Gaijin (Action/ Romance)
When a notorious samurai is attacked by a group of western bounty hunters, he finally discovers his one true soul mate - in the heat of battle... Four actors needed and one forest location - doubling for rural Japan. Action script with a strong love theme. 6 pages.Date Posted: 2/28/06

Mistaken (Drama/ Thriller)
After a successful face transplant operation, an innocent man becomes mistakenly targeted by a hitman - confused how his recently dead target is now alive and walking again. 9 pages.Date Placed: 2/28/06

iHate (Thriller/Drama)
After purchasing an MP3 player which enables the listener to hear people’s violent thoughts, a recently bereaved man learns an unpleasant truth about his wife and their relationship. 9 pages.Date Placed: 12/6/05

Brace for Valentines (Romantic Drama)
Ten-year-old Jenny Abbott is only looking forward to receiving a Valentines card this year, but when her school crush sends one to her - revealing nasty images about her 'braced' teeth, she doesn't expect an apology twenty years later... A touching romantic short about how we all do things we regret at school... And try to make up for them in later years. 2 pages.Date Placed: 9/28/05

Brain Jak-X (Sci-Fi)
After a regular Brain Jak-X (memory upgrade), a techie discovers that his clients have 'significant forces of luck', which he goes about stealing from her... with fatal consequences. Needs three main actors. One primary set. Quirky sci-fi story. 6 pages.Date Placed: 3/3/06

End of the Line (Thriller/Action)
When a notorious serial killer picks his next victim while riding the Amtrak one night, he didn’t know she was a killer herself - of men who ride trains looking for lone women to murder... A smart thriller in the vein of Wes Cravens: Red Eye. 6 pages.Date Placed: 9/28/05

Life Memories (Drama)
After the death of his father, a son looks back on the memories they once shared... A touching story along the lines of Big Fish, w/ scenes of WWII. 5 pages. Date Placed: 5/1/06

Super Togin (Comedy)
When a popular superhero finds himself in need of saving - he quickly finds that nobody will come to his aid, and discovers just where his loyalties lie... 5 pages.

The Lingerie Virgin (Comedy/Quirky)
After a nervous man decides to purchase some sexy lingerie for his wife's birthday, he gets more than he bargained for when he goes into the store to purchase it. 3 pages.

Sell Phone (Comedy)
After a man gets the latest cell phone, with all the gadgets and gizmos, he sounds-off when it doesn't work. A straight-to-camera one person monologue piece. 2 pages.

To request a script, please email dcoolpool AT, and include if you like, IMDB credit and a mini bio about yourself.

If you'd like to hire me to write a short script, or feature, then feel free to drop me a line about rates.

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Scripts already sold.

Hell Hath No Fury (pre-production/2008)
Comedy about a Polite Demon and an Evil Angel.
Hired to write for the talented Rich Poche of Poche Pictures.

Lance (pre-production/ 2008)
After a grieving mother dreams of her late husband, she's inspired to go visit a statue, with the hope that it will cure her terminally ill son. A touching sweet drama.
Sold to the talented director Tom Wilkinson.

Rosewood (pre-production/2008)
On a trip to repossess his grandpa’s house, a young man finds he's not welcome in the town his relative once lived... and for very good reasons. Murder.
Script sold to talented director Chris Nachtrieb.

Clock Watching (2007)
Discovering that her work colleague is being physically abused by their boss, a woman takes matters into her own hands to exact revenge on him.
Script sold to talented director Bryan Coward of Leftover Films.

He Is Gone (Completed) 2007
Project kept under wraps.
Hired to write by talented director Rich Poche, of Poche Pictures.

Remember (pre-production/2006)
Project kept under wraps.
Hired to write by talented director Rich Poche, of Poche Pictures.

Batgirl v Catman (pre-production/2006)
Project kept under-wraps.
Hired to write Fan-Fic short script for Director Rich Poche, of Poche Pictures.

Edison City (Completed/ 2007)
Project kept under-wraps.
Hired to write a Sci-Fi short script for Director Rich Poche, of Poche Pictures.

Psycho-Somatic (Completed/ 2007)
When a woman takes a pill that enables her to see her deceased husbands most recent memories, she learns that he’s not the sweet man that she once knew, but actually a notorious serial killer...
Script sold to the talented Director, Rich Poche of Poche Pictures

Curse of the Dead (pre-production/2006)
When a grandson can’t contact his elderly grandfather, he drives over to his house to investigate where he has gone, and what he has turned into to...
Script sold to the talented Director, Martin Troy Shinew of Brainchild Films

Killing Time (pre-production/2006)
While waiting for her Husband to arrive in a shady hotel room, a Wife makes conversation with a lone Hitman - who she's hired to kill him...
Script sold to the talented Director, Martin Troy Shinew of Brainchild Films

CROSS LINE (Completed/2006)
After a cop, who moonlights as a hitman, steals an old fashioned telephone from a crime scene, he starts receiving haunting phone calls - from all his previous victims.
Script sold to the talented SA Director, Gregg Watt of Gregg Watt Productions.

SYNTHETIC LOVE (Completed/2006)
After his wife dies, a young man purchases a robot of his bride with 99.9% accuracy, and attempts to form a relationship with her.
Script sold to the talented Director, Ramon Boutviseth of StudioRB

FIRST TIME (Completed/2005)
Discovering his girlfriend has slept with 59 other people, a virgin comes to terms with this tragic news.
Script sold to the talented Director/Producer, Eric Averkiou of Summer House Films